What Employers Are Saying About Us

    “We use the NTMA training to enhance the employees that want to develop their skills. We have a job apprenticeship that includes NTMA classes. We have had a 100% success rate in converting employees with no machining background into machinists / Inspectors once they complete the program.”

    Elizabeth Potts | Customer Relationship Manager | M&R Engineering
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    “The industry demands specialized individuals to not only operate but to program our machines. NTMA and its program have been a point of reference for Trio and have made the dream of a lot of teammates to excel in their careers attainable by working with their work schedules with the after-hours classes that they offer. In the 3 years I have been acquainted with Marcie, she expedites all of our requests and does her due diligence when answering any of our questions.”

    Karla Echeverria | Human Resources Manager | Trio Manufacturing, Inc.
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    “The KAP Manufacturing staff has grown in ability and knowledge through NTMA. Our very first employee came to us as a machinist, and became our Quality Control Manager through training with NTMA, and our Lead Programmer has continued to increase his knowledge through the many Mastercam courses NTMA offers. We have also sent several machinists to improve their skill over the years. NTMA helps us to stay competitive as our employees are trained in the latest technologies.”

    Kathy D’Amato | President KAP Mfg.
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    “NTMA Machinist Career College is a great source of well-trained, entry level machinists. We hired a few graduates, and they have been an excellent addition to the team. NTMA teaches their students the basics of machining, and it is a great foundation to start a career in the machining, CNC programming, Mold Maker and Tool and Die Maker fields. We do not expect new hires to know it all after the intense months of training, but they get a well-rounded foundation. It will be up to the graduate to succeed, but also the employer to support the training of graduates. Our company also takes advantage of NTMAs more advanced classes for our team members looking for additional training.”

    Nicolas R. Ortiz | Aerostealth Engineering, INC.
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    “My decision to enroll at NTMA all those years ago (over 12 years now) has been the best decision I have made in my life! I will be forever grateful to NTMA for providing me the basic skills I needed to launch my life on a new path that has been so rewarding.”

    Sylvia Franco | QMS Specialist | VACCO Industries Inc.
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What Is A Machinist?

Imagine being a super hero for machines. A machinist is like a magician who uses special tools to shape and create things from metal, plastics and other solids. They make parts that go into cars, airplanes, and even AI operated robots. Just like a sculpture carves a statue, machinist carves metal to make it fit perfectly and do amazing things!

Precision Manufacturing Training

For over 50 years, NTMA has trained thousands of students on the basics of machining. Located in Santa Fe Springs, California, our campus houses some of the most current innovations available in today’s industry.

Our machinist classes are designed to provide students with basic knowledge of machining techniques and processes. At the end of the program, students will be certified to set up and operate conventional machining equipment such as grinders, mills, lathes, drill presses, saws and the process to run, operate and program CNC machines. Students will also receive training on topics integral to a career in machining, including safety, quality control, inspection procedures, shop theory, precision measuring instruments, mathematics, and blueprint reading.

No High School Diploma / GED?
No Worries … NTMA Has You Covered!

Earn your high school diploma / GED while going to college to become a machinist. Ask about our new Online Pathways Program provided by Penn Foster Academy. Call us today to learn more!

NTMA Machinist Career College Programs

We offer entry-level, 6 and 9 month machinist training as well as two different types of advanced machinist training; ETP State Funded Programs and NTMA Skill-Up Programs. Click below to learn more.  

Advanced Machinist Training Skill-Up Program

Learn More about our Advanced Machinist Training Skill-Up Program

Advanced Machinist Training ETP Funded Programs

Learn More about our Advanced Machinist Training ETP Funded Programs

Here are just a few reasons why NTMA Machinist Career College is the right choice for you.


You will be a Certified Entry-Level Machinist at the completion of the program.


Small classrooms of 15 students or fewer.

Everything You Need to

Shop tools, books, learning supplies, tool boxes and shop attire all provided to students.

Begin a Lifetime

Hundreds of employment opportunities in LA, Orange and surrounding counties.

Program Highlights

Machinist Training

This program is the basics of machining. Students learn the set-up and operation of conventional machining equipment such as grinders, mills, lathes, drill presses, and saws. Instruction is also provided in safety, quality control and inspection procedures, shop theory, precision measuring instruments, mathematics, blueprint reading, and basic CNC operation.

Instruction time is divided equally between classroom, computer lab, and shop, providing a unique blend of practical theory and hands-on experience.

Upon graduation, students may find entry-level employment as an operator of a lathe, mill, grinder, drill press, etc. in the machining and tooling industry. 

Advanced Training – ETP State-Funded Program

These courses are designed to enhance and expand the knowledge for those currently in the machining and tooling industry.

Students must be proficient in the field, with experience and understand the concepts of machining.

The intensity of these advanced courses will prove challenging and require full participation for those interested in becoming competitive in this growing industry. 

Over 55 years of hands-on machinist education and training 

With more than 85,000 graduates, NTMA Machinist Career College is the perfect place for you to begin a rewarding, lifetime career. 

“The training that I’m getting to reach my goals is designed from top to bottom to give me the experience I need to get out into the workforce and begin a great career.”

Benny, CA
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Financial Aid Office

The mission of the Financial Aid office is to help remove financial barriers and to assist students in meeting the cost of attendance for their education. The role of our office is to fill the gap that exists between the cost of attendance and funds available to you from all other possible resources.

Our experienced staff will assist you with completing your financial aid application, determine your level of need; find the financial aid that best fits you while meeting your educational expenses.  

Federal funding is available and designed to help students with limited resources to pay for their education. All Aid is administered by our Financial Aid Department.