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Charlie Vargas

NTMA Training Centers — 5 star

I came to this school expecting to just get a better job than what I had. I was working a full time job at a grocery store and hating it. Thanks to this school and the sacrifice I made while working full time and getting perfect attendance and 4.0 grade-point-averages; I am now working on a career as a diamond turning engineer. Now I’m making serious money and I couldn’t have done it without the staff there. I would highly recommend this to serious individuals who want to stop goofing off and take a serious approach to their life.

Michael Ramos

NTMA Training Centers — 5 star

The teachers want to teach, the staff wants to help, they teach you how to be and act like a professional, give you knowledge about the machining industry, and they do a good job of getting you in contact with employers.

John Gonzalez

NTMA Training Centers — 5 star

This place definitely changed my life. When I started I was very skeptical about the school. Now that I’m working as a CNC Machinist I know I made the right choice. Remember students work hard and don’t miss class it moves so fast that in just one day you can miss a lot of important info. This will pay off in the end. Thank you NTMA for the strong foundation you gave me to start my career as a machinist.

Connie N Joseph Rodriguez

NTMA Training Centers — 5 star

I would just like to say thank you to NTMA and its amazing staff. I can’t tell how much my life has changed since I’ve attended the school.

Michael Davis

NTMA Training Centers — 5 star

I graduated in 2001 with perfect attendance. This is a wonderful trade for anyone and they will place you on a job a week or two before graduation.

Miguel Frausto

NTMA Training Centers — 5 star

This is my future. I love being A CNC MACHINE PROGRAMER.

Fabian F.
— 4 stars

As a graduate of this school I will tell you that the grading system is set up so that EVERYONE graduates. I had people in my graduating class who, on the last day, asked me what an end mill was. The only reason that I am giving these school high marks is that if you’re actually interested in learning the material and you actually apply yourself to learn it you will become a good machinist. Several of my classmates were just interested in getting the grades because that’s what they’ve been taught all their lives that grades matter more than actual knowledge. While there’s a lot of information to absorb in 7 months it’s a very good stepping stone for people who would otherwise not know a single solitary thing about the manufacturing industry. And sorry old folks, but the days of getting in at the bottom and getting trained to move up are gone. No one wants to hire full on ENTRY LEVEL people anymore. Even now that I’ve got about 3 years of experience under my belt it’s incredibly hard to get a higher paying position because I’m still considered “Entry Level”.

On a personal note I am the type of person that does NOT do well with a traditional classroom education. I get incredibly annoyed sitting in a classroom learning book stuff before days or weeks later going and attempting to apply in in person or on a test. At this trade school the day you learn a topic is the same day you go downstairs to the shop and start practicing it in person. That experience is what made it work for me. So if you’re that type of student then I can recommend this school to you. If you’re the type of student that needs to “marinate” in the information in a classroom for a long time, I suggest you go to your local community college and take their Machine Tech 101 classes.

Nathan S.
— 5 stars

As a partner of the NTMA we are proud to say that they not only train qualified personnel but they also have a great attitude towards the manufacturing community. We have a problem in the USA with manufacturing because we don’t have well trained people to work with. The NTMA and the dedicated students are making our country powerful in manufacturing to stand up against China and Mexico. Keep it up guys! You are doing a tremendous service to our country and our economy.


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