Photo of 3 Ways to Gain Exposure to CNC Machining

Although Machining is not as widely taught as it used to be, there are still several avenues to consider for those interested in learning about CNC. Here are just some of the different ways you can learn about CNC Machining today:

  1. Makerspaces – If you type in “(Insert City Name” and “Makerspace” into a search engine, you’ll find the local Makerspaces in your area. These co-working spaces typically offer training as well as access to their machines to learn and use. 
  2. Woodworking Classes – Woodshop is a common entry point for machinists, as cutting wood is usually less complicated than cutting metal. Take up woodshop somewhere locally to get a feel for what it takes to draft, design, and program a CNC machine.
  3. NTMA CNC Machinist Training – Here at NTMA, we teach the fundamentals of machining, all the way up to sophisticated, multi-axis setup and programming for all of our students. 

At NTMA, we walk our students through various stages in our 7-Month curriculum to make them well-rounded machinists. If you’re just finishing high school and looking for a high-paying career, or are already working for a Manufacturing company and wish to enhance your skills, we have something for you here at NTMA! To learn more about our courses/offerings, visit us at: