Career Services

What sets us apart?

Our Career Services Department is your pathway towards becoming employed in our industry. We’re committed to helping you in your job search, with resume writing, interviewing techniques, showcasing your finished projects to attending Job Fairs we host at the campuses.  Through your successful completion of our program, we begin the process by contacting employers and scheduling interviews. Although we cannot guarantee employment, we provide placement assistance. Visit us today!

We provide the resources and training you need to succeed!

“Hello, NTMA Career Services … I got my first raise ever, and it meant a lot to me. I just wanted to thank everyone at NTMA I had a great time from the beginning! Everything I learned in instructor Templeton’s class was extremely relevant to the 3 companies I’ve worked for, and I am now going down the CNC Mill Machinist route! I highly recommend this career path to others.” 

— John Castro