Advanced Machinist Training – ETP Funded Programs

NTMA Machinist Career College currently offers ETP funding for employed applicants! 

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) of California provides funding to employers to assist in enhancing the skills of their employees through training that leads to good-paying, long-term jobs. Students enrolling through ETP state funding must meet the following criteria: 

  • Applicants must be employed full-time for a minimum of 90 days and working a minimum of 35 hours per week in the machinist trade. 
  • Earn a minimum wage rate per hour required by ETP. 
  • Obtain a signed Certification Statement (CS) and a Retraining Enrollment Agreement form from their employer. 
  • Have basic knowledge of shop mathematics and blueprint reading, as well as the ability to read and write in English. 

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Forge a career as an expert CNC operator or Machinist!

Advanced Curriculum
Our advanced curriculum includes three separate training programs, as outlined below. Both our Advanced CNC Training Course and our Advanced MasterCAM Training Course require that students partake in an introductory-level course prior to the advanced training to ensure they have the base knowledge required to excel at an advanced level.

Flexible Scheduling
Classes are 8 hours on Saturdays for 18 weeks, or 4.5 hours two nights per week for 16 weeks. Each individual course totals 144 hours, with the exception of the MasterCAM Training Courses (which total 144 hours, each). For more information regarding our course offerings, view pages 35-44 of our 2023 catalog.

Upon Completion
The training you receive in our advanced programs will qualify you for advanced-level work in the machining trade. Upon graduation, you will have acquired the complex CNC and CAD/CAM knowledge necessary to rise to the top of the talent pool and set yourself on the path to a lifelong career in machining.

Advanced CNC Training

Step 1: CNC Machining Course (144 Hours)

We require all students to complete this course before partaking in the advanced-level training. Students will learn or update skills on all major functions of lathes and mills, as well as programming commands, sequence of operations in CNC machining and programming, and data transfer from computer to CNC machine. Students will also learn the fundamental use of a computer-aided manufacturing, or CAM, system. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform setup of moderate complexity in CNC machining and turning centers.

Step 2: Advanced CNC Machining Course (144 Hours)

Advanced CNC Machining is offered for students looking to attain greater proficiency in CNC machining. Students will use our CAD/CAM system to program multiple part locations/operations, as well as macro and conditional statements and advanced canned cycles. Students will also become familiar with uploading and downloading files to machine station and other computers. Upon completion of our advanced course, students will possess the ability to perform complex CNC machining and CAD/CAM operations.

Advanced MasterCAM Training

Step 1: Mastercam Programming Course (144 Hours)

This program is designed to train students to a higher level of competency in the operation and programming of CNC machines through the instruction of MasterCAM CAD/CAM systems. Students will learn how to use CAM to create and edit programs from blueprints, construct programs using 2D tool paths, and generate programs to make wire frame models. Students who take this course will also learn the basics of surface modeling, derived and composite surfaces, and how to make machine parts using learned programming skills.

Step 2: Advanced MasterCAM Programming Course (144 Hours)

Our Advanced MasterCAM Course is designed to help students improve their 2D tool-paths and learn how to generate advance tool paths with 3D surface models. Students will use skills obtained in the introductory MasterCAM course to advance into 4th and 5th axis programming. They will learn mill turning and how to adjust post processors for other CNC machines in the machine shop. Students will also learn Solid Modeling as a tool for the designing of machine parts.

Inspection Training Program

Inspection Training Course (144 Hours)

Our Inspection Training Course is designed to instruct students on important inspection procedures and proper use of Coordinate Measuring Equipment. The program also covers machine setup and operation, as well as inspection records and record keeping requirements. Upon completion of this course, students may qualify for intermediate-level positions in the machining industry.

Set Yourself on the Path to a Career, Not Just a Job

The machining industry is constantly advancing—and fast, meaning your skills should too. With the highest graduation rate in the industry, NTMA is your ticket to a brighter future.

If you want to receive the training you need to become an expert machinist, fill out our online form today. Someone from our admissions office will get back to you shortly to answer any questions you may have and schedule an interview. We also offer campus tours where you will have the opportunity to visit our facilities and hear from current students and instructors.

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