Photo of Career Paths in CAD/CAM
two students at a computer

Today’s job market is red hot, as companies are dying for willing and able candidates to fill several million positions that have been unfilled due to “the Great Resignation.” Fortunately, the newer work-from-home flexibility has made it easy for candidates to open up their searches into companies based somewhere other than their own physical location.

CAD and CAM engineering are no different, running a software tool only requires a laptop/computer and internet connection for one to properly perform their tasks. Below are some of the roles in the CAD & CAM industry that can be done remotely:

  • CAD Designer – Whether it be a 2D PCB schematic or a full 3D rendering, CAD Designers are in high demand in a variety of industries. Typically having a background or certifications on a specific CAD platform (ie. Solidworks, CATIA, etc.) are the qualifications necessary to be considered for these types of roles.
  • Mechanical Engineer – Oftentimes someone who’s skilled with CAD can transition to an M.E. role to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Structural Analysis, and other Mechanical aspects of a given design. Having a degree or certification is typically what’s needed to be considered for these positions. 
  • Design Engineer – Similar to ME’s and CAD Designers, a Design Engineer helps to make educated decisions on a given project’s design. Having a mesh of Mechanical and CAD skillsets will prove to be beneficial when applying for these roles. 
  • CAM Programmer – A skilled CNC Machinist will often have a broad understanding of CAM programming such as MasterCAM or any other industry software platforms. Having been a machinist prior, or obtaining certifications for a given software tool are some of what’s needed to apply for these types of positions. 

All of the above roles are what NTMA trains its students for, offering certifications in both MasterCAM and Solidworks through our Advanced Training Program. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff online or by calling us at 800-962-6862.