Photo of CNC Machine Tool OEMs based in Southern California

For nearly a century, California has positioned itself to be a manufacturing hub, producing goods for the US and its trade allies in numerous industries. It makes sense that over the years dozens of CNC Machine companies have popped up, along with job shops to do the actual manufacturing.

Here’s a look at some of the CNC Machine Tool companies here in Southern California:

  • Haas Automation – Well known for their Formula1 Cars, Haas was originally started as a CNC Machine Tool company and is now one of the largest Machine Tool OEMs globally.
    We teach our students how to run multi-axis Mills and Turning Centers from Haas during modules 4 & 5 in our CNC Machinist Program
  • TRAK Machine Tools – Having coined the term “Conversational Programming,” this Los Angeles-based CNC company features its ProtoTRAK CNC Control on various Milling & Turning Machines. At NTMA, we feature their K3KMX Knee Mill to teach students in our Machinist Training Program
  • Acer –  Similar to the Bridgeport Knee Mills we utilize at NTMA, Acer makes quality Milling and Turning equipment, both manual and CNC. This Anaheim-based company has been around for several decades and has made a name for itself through reliable, repeatable, and rigid Machine Tools.

All of these companies have several decades in the business and make machines that are a part of our CNC Machinist Training curriculum. For more information on the training courses we offer, visit us at or contact us at