Photo of New & Emerging Industry Trends for CNC Machining 

With over 100 years of industrialization under our belts, the CNC Machining market has completely transformed over the years. Today we see accelerated product transformation and innovation thanks to a global supply chain, mass adoption of technology, and years of practice. Here are just some of the current trends we’re seeing in the CNC market:

Digital Manufacturing Tools – Having a robust “Digital Thread” is an ongoing trend that more & more companies are taking notice of. To be able to go from idea to CAD, to Manufacturing & shipping something, all within a string of computer software is a very new topic to some. But to adapt to the tech-filled world we live in and maintain maximum efficiency with minimal resources is a task Digital Manufacturing tools aim to solve. 

Automated, Robotic Workflows/Machinery Systems – CNC itself has been enhanced greatly with the additions of robotics and automated workflows to the overall process. Today we have robotic hardware that can tend to machines entirely by themselves. We have automated pallet changing systems that allow machines to run completely autonomously, without stopping, even through the night. And we have smart software that helps to string all of these technologies together. 

Extremely Sophisticated Cutting Tools – As CNCs have undergone massive innovations in recent decades, metalworking tools have adjacently been improved as well. Carbide cutting tools, reusable turning tools, thru-spindle coolant, and specialized milling tools are among some of the newer innovations we’re seeing in the tooling world. All this translates to longer tool lives, increased cutting efficiency, and less rework for scrapped parts. 

It’s important to recognize and work to adopt some of these current trends if you’re planning to enter the manufacturing workforce. These technologies will be old news in 5 to 10 years, as manufacturers are constantly innovating their own products, workflows, and designs. If you’re ever curious to learn about how we teach our students to adapt to this learning curve of new tech, please visit us at:, give us a call at 800-962-6862 or visit our Southern California location!