Photo of Non-Technical Roles in CAD/Mechanical Engineering 

All too often, we think of Design & Engineering as highly technical roles requiring complex degrees and a variety of training in practical Engineering. But beyond that, there are still millions of men & women who are behind the scenes, helping to keep these 3D Design & Digital Engineering firms afloat in a variety of different facets. Here are some positions to consider for those that are not skilled 3D CAD Designers or CAM Programming Engineers: 

  • Project Manager – Keeping tabs on many balls (jobs/projects) a company is juggling at a given time is what Project Managers are responsible for. This role offers a number of career paths in virtually every industry imaginable.  
  • Marketing/Social Media/Content Creation – Behind every successful Engineering firm is an army of Sales & Marketing folks who are creating awareness and generating revenue. With younger people growing up with Social Media, this skill is highly desirable to companies looking to increase their brand awareness to a wide audience.  
  • Business Development – Landing contracts, implementing new products into the market and keeping Engineers busy is the sole job for Business Development Reps or Sales in any given firm.  

There are many different options for those interested in getting a career in Manufacturing or Engineering, but don’t possess a technical, 4-Year college degree. Certifications and experience can often supersede a degree in today’s world, so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t go to college! At NTMA, we offer high-paying career opportunities to our students interested in CNC Machining, 3D CAD, CAM Programming, and so much more!