Photo of Non-Technical Roles in CNC Machining

When people think of Machinists, they probably envision highly skilled workers who have hands-on knowledge of Manufacturing. While this may be true, there is still an immensity of open job positions in non-technical roles that are within the industry of industrial Machinery & Manufacturing. Below are a few non-Machinist roles NTMA helps to train & hire for:

  • Plant/Machine Shop Supervisor – After working on the shop floor for a number of years, a common mid/senior-level role to consider is Shop/Plant Supervisor. These high-level positions oversee the overall operation of production manufacturing and are often closely aligned with executive leadership. 
  • Quality Assurance Technician – Usually responsible for production yields, QA roles help maintain proper scrutiny to ensure dimensional accuracy, repeatability, and overall delivery of manufactured parts. 
  • Metrology/Inspection Technician – Mostly concerned with part inspection, Metrology Technicians are linked with Quality Assurance and Manufacturing teams for production houses. 

While CNC Machinists are in extremely high demand, there are a variety of jobs outside of being a CNC Programmer, Operator, or Machinist that are also out there. Whether you have a passion for hands-on work, Digital Marketing, Sales, HR, or any other facet of the Machining industry, we help get you to the next level with our team here at NTMA! 

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