Photo of SOLIDWORKS Acronyms to Know  

In the CAD world, there are a number of terms, acronyms, and nomenclature to pick up on. Although it can be a learning curve at first, learning these phrases and keywords will help a new Engineer quickly ramp up with Engineering-related lingo.  

  • PDM – Product Data Management – After CAD components are created, a PDM add-on software tool is meant to both centralize, store and manage the mass amounts of data created from all the SOLIDWORKS 3D Models.  
  • PLM – Product Lifecycle Management – Similar to PDM, PLM is an enterprise software tool which oversees the entire process of a given component, from CAD, to production, as well as supporting current products in the field, and more.  
  • FEA – Finite Element Analysis – After a part is mocked up in CAD, and before it’s sent off to the CNC Machine shop, it’s common for Mechanical designers & analysts to run an FEA software tool to test the structural integrity of a given part, in a digital, simulated environment.  
  • BOM – Often tied to ERP systems, a Bill of Materials is often on the “title block” of a CAD drawing, and outlines the specific types of materials used for that specific part.   

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