Photo of Top Quality Inspection (QA) Industries for California 

iPhones, Rockets, Televisions, Military equipment….what do these all have in common? They’re all highly complex and sophisticated products which require a ton of design and manufacturing costs.  

With any highly precise piece of hardware (or software) an army of Quality Assurance and Inspection Technicians are standing by, ensuring that these devices will not fail in the field, and will withstand whatever is thrown their way.  

Here are just a few examples of industries in California that require the help of QA Technicians and Inspection personnel: 

  • Semiconductor – With some of the largest electronics companies being concentrated in Silicon Valley, it’s no secret that the products they develop need to undergo rigorous testing before and after production.  
  • Aerospace & Defense – When a soldier is in combat, he simply cannot afford for his communication devices or weaponry to malfunction. There’s a large sum of A&D companies concentrated in Southern California due to its close proximity to Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine bases.  
  • Industrial Machinery – Whether it’s a simple lawnmower sold to a consumer, or agricultural equipment used to harvest crop, Industrial Machinery needs to withstand immense stress from heat, dust, and the harsh conditions they’ll typically operate in.  

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